A reminder: Ben’s book is out now!

Ben Crawshaw and Onawind Blue

This photograph on Ben Crawshaw’s weblog The Invisible Workshop gives me another opportunity to plug his book, Catalan Castaway, published by Lodestar Books.

Here’s something of what Ben has to say about it:

The… ‘writings focus on the seaborne adventures of Onawind Blue rather than her construction and include material that hasn’t appeared here at The Invisible Workshop. The trip to Ibiza and OB’s close shave with a fishing boat appear in full, illustrated with hand-drawn maps…

‘Not only have I had a lot of fun building and sailing OB but also writing about her. And to some extent when I became ill with cancer my solo experiences on the water helped me through. At least my memories of sparkling Mediterranean waters and a lively little hull were a place I could escape to during the gruelling days in hospital. I’m proud and pleased that my writing has been considered printable, and to see this part of my life neatly bound in book form gives me a good solid point to move on from.’

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