Compare and contrast: Standard Quay without its barges and Maldon, where barges are many and tourists flock


While this is Faversham in January this year, after most of the barges left:

Standard Quay

If you think Maldon has things right while Faversham has it wrong, there’s still time – just – to let Swale Borough’s councillors know what you think about the restaurant proposal by the way – see this earlier post. For more information, also see The Quay website, the Faversham Creek Trust website and the Visions of a Creek website.

I’ve just written to Swale’s councillors in the following terms:

‘Dear councillors:

‘The planning committee is about to make a crucially important decision in relation to Faversham’s Standard Quay: the decision of whether to allow the Black Building to be turned into a restaurant.

‘I am writing today to make the point that the Essex town of Maldon has taken care to welcome sailing barges, including the maintenance and repair work that goes with it – and that as a result its quay, known as The Hythe, is bustling with traditional craft, and with visitors.

‘As a boat user in the Faversham area and the owner of property in this wonderful, historic town, I care a great deal about Faversham’s future.

‘I feel strongly that Maldon has got the right approach to attracting both traditional craft and tourists, and that it is a tragedy that boat owners and boat repairing businesses and other maritime industries report that they have been driven away from Standard Quay. I further believe that converting the Black Building into a restaurant will ensure that the barges and maritime industries will never return.

‘I have written a post about this issue on my popular weblog this morning:

‘It will be seen by thousands of people over the next few days.

‘You will I am sure have received earlier emails refuting the Swale planning department’s argument that Standard Quay does not have a long history as a centre for boatbuilding and boat repair – even taken alone the fact that the famous Goldfinch family of boatbuilders built one of Faversham’s most famous vessels, Goldfinch, shows this argument is not true.

‘Gavin Atkin’

3 thoughts on “Compare and contrast: Standard Quay without its barges and Maldon, where barges are many and tourists flock”

  1. Well done… The lack of appreciation of Faversham maritime heritage demonstrated by Swale Borough Council, Visit Kent… is so wrong.

  2. G’day Gavin,
    I don’t think they’d take much notice of a letter from Aus Gavin, but I wish you all luck. I suspect that councils the world over are very similar, and at times it’s the paid CEO that ‘recommends’ what decision council makes.

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