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Dale Appleton has emailed to let me know that the Australian National Maritime Museum has published a shed-load of photos on Flickr, and is asking for information about them.

Perhaps readers will be able to fill in a few gaps – the museum’s asking for information to be posted into the Flickr comment boxes.

PS – There’s a mass of stuff to look at here. Check out the comment from ‘Peggy Bawn’ below for a vision of simple beauty (I think he’s found my favourite shot too) and a grand photo of Joshua Slocum apparently modelling a new set of sails…

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  1. Hi folks,

    Thank you so much for sharing these photographs and for illuminating their historic details. We update the Australian National Maritime Museum’s Flickr collection with new photos almost every day. More and more of these lovely images are being digitised – so check back often! All comments and information provided are then fed back into our collection database to improve the accuracy and contextual information of each photograph.

    Kind regards,


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