Looking for gold in an outboard-powered punt

Nahanni by Donald Wilder, National Film Board of Canada

‘This short film focuses on the legend of a lost gold mine and a river in the Northwest Territories that lured men to their doom. Albert Faille, an aging prospector, set out time and again to find hidden gold. His route took him through the wild and awesome land particularly suited to the mood of this Canadian odyssey.’

That portage!

One thought on “Looking for gold in an outboard-powered punt”

  1. This is an amazing film, and I was flabbergasted to see Albert Faille featured in it. I knew the name from R.M. Patterson’s book, ‘The Dangerous River’. Patterson tells of his own adventures on the South Nahanni in the 1920’s, when the young Faille was making his own first trip up the river. It’s a tremendously good book, and I see that it is in print again.

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