Visions of a Creek attempts to get locals talking about Faversham Creek

Visions of a Creek weblog

I don’t know who’s behind this weblog so I can’t exactly endorse it – but it is very interesting and whoever is doing it, they seem to share some of my own concerns. What’s more I’m sure the aim of getting locals talking about the Creek’s future must be right.

If you’re interested in Faversham’s history and future, and particularly in its Creek, take a look and see what you think. My thanks to Richard Fleury for finding this one.


3 thoughts on “Visions of a Creek attempts to get locals talking about Faversham Creek”

  1. The web site is the face of the Faversham Creek Trust, a trust endeavouring to protect, revive and make usable the creek, and some of its remaining old buildings: they would all be des-res dwellings soon. The maritime side of life is their priority. All information is on the web site – it is good reading. Faversham has a fascinating and rich maritime past. It is a joy to visit by water (or land) but an approach by water is best…

  2. The Visions weblog is run by Country Wide Productions, owned(?) by Mike Maloney, who lives in a house overlooking the creek on the ‘Pollock’ estate opposite Standard Quay. Mike produced an excelent film about the Pollock Shipyard some years ago now and also, Red Sails, about spritsail barges. Mike is keen on protecting the marine waterfront, or at least some of it, for maritime users – as most of us are.

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