Faversham’s Standard Quay in happier times – filmed by Simon Evans

Standard Quay Faversham Simon Evans film from happier times

Barges at Faversham’s Standard Quay, filmed by local historian, folklorist, author, photographer and BBC radio  presenter Simon Evans.

Simon made the film some time before the maritime industries and most of the barges left, and before it became clear that Faversham Creek was likely to become a sad, gentrified and squeaky-clean memory of a port.

To lodge your opposition to this development, go to the website www.ukplanning.com, search for Swale Borough Council, then go to the  applications and use the search box to hunt down applications  applying to Standard Quay. There are just a few days left to lodge your reasons for objecting to the proposed development.

The Faversham Creek Trust has published some trenchant views on the issue – see the organisation’s weblog. There’s more useful stuff here and here.

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  1. The Quay was actually bought by the current owners in 2002. Notice to quit was issued immediately, but the management company hung on in there for nearly 10 years despite subsequent notices to quit in the intervening years. The three dry docks and the craftsmen left only on the final day the lease for Standard Quay (Faversham) Ltd, (the company that managed the quay and coordinated the maritime activity) ended and was not renewed on 23 June 2011. I think this film was made on the occasion of one of the notices. Maybe 2005?

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