Percy Mitchell autobiography to be republished

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These photos come from the collection that will be used to illustrate a new edition of A Boatbuilder’s Story, the autobiography of legendary self-taught Port Mellon boat builder Percy Mitchell, who was born in 1901.

I gather he was described by yacht designer and cruising author Dr Claud Worth as ‘an artist in wood’.

A Boatbuilder’s Story is said to include a particularly moving account of the building of the large Cornish fishing lugger Ibis.

Read all about the new edition here.

8 thoughts on “Percy Mitchell autobiography to be republished”

  1. really interesting, I met Percy’s son in port Mellon five or so years ago, I though his name was Barry but could just be my memory, he lived in what I recall was a bungalow just up from the boat compound with great view of the bay.He showed us an old blue well read copy of Percy’s autobiography and I’ve been wanting to get a copy ever since – he (Barry or Garry) was a really nice guy, was trying to help sell his friend’s jewel class keelboat.

  2. I lived in Portmellon as a child and walked past Percy Mitchell’s boatyard nearly every day – of course at that time did not realize that he was a legend!

  3. I have tried on several occasions to get hold of a copy of this book to no avail. so i’m really pleased it is being republished. I holidayed in portmellon from the age of 2years old though to 36years old and in the early days stayed in the beach house with the old blue shutters across the stream from the boat house, Gary Mitchell was a good friend of my parents and it was sad to see from one year to the next the old boat house and his business gone and a row of new cottages in its place. I have very fond memories of Portmellon.

  4. I have a message for Gary Mitchell.

    My name is Jennie Jellliss I am Rear Commodore for Flushing Sailing Club. Our club is run totally by volunteers in order to organise competitive yacht racing in the Carrick Roads. When the boats are put to bed from October through to April it is in my remit to put talks on every Tuesday evening to help keep our club alive. A relative of mine went to a talk you gave about the amazing boats that were built by your father Percy. I am currently working on next winters programme and wonder whether you would come to our sailing club and give a talk. I know our members would be very interested. Please can you contact me on

    I look forward to your reply.

    Kind regards

    Jennie Jelliss
    Rear Commodore
    Flushing Sailing Club

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