They day they launched pilot gig Tempest

A beautifully made film record of the launch day of Tempest, a pilot gig built at Lyme Regis by boat builder Gail McGarva.

I wish I could make such beautiful shapes when filming events – and it wouldn’t be half bad to be able to make such beautiful boats!

For more about Gail at, click here.

2 thoughts on “They day they launched pilot gig Tempest”

  1. G’day Gavin, very nice indeed. Such a beautiful shape, they look fast even on the trolley. The film is perfect and I do like the song as well. I have fond memories of being part of a regular whale boat crew in the sea scouts, of the boat drills and the importance of coordination and not catching a crab!
    The Hobart WB festival is coming up fast and a whole crew of us from the WB Mag forum seem to be attending. Wish you were coming too.

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