Currach for sale, Argyll

Curragh 003

Here’s something you don’t see every day – a currach for sale in Scotland. It’s currently in the hands of retired boat builder and part-time boat dealer Dave Hart, who lives on the banks of Loch Long, Argyll.

Dave’s currently working on a few minor repairs, and says the currach  is 19ft 9in in length and just under 4ft in beam, has three thwarts and a sternsheets, a transom-style stern that can take an outboard can be fitted on, two pairs of oars and floorboards.

The builder is unknown – I’ve no doubt Dave would be pleased to have information about this – but he believes it’s a professional job.

I think Dave is open to reasonable offers. Email me at in the first instance and I’ll pass your message on to Dave. I’d also say if anyone in the South-East corner of England buys this boat, could they please invite me to come and have a row on the sea in it some day?

For more about currachs at, click here.

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