For sale: pilot cutter Breeze, and cutter Medusa Bay

Pilot cutter Breeze

I’ve learned that two great but very different boats are for sale.

The 39ft pilot cutter Breeze is up for auction on eBay. She was built in 1887 by Coopers of Pill near Bristol for the pilot Albert Cope.

She started her working life working from Cardiff in 1887 and continued to work primarily in the same family ownership until around 1912. She’s believed to be the second oldest Bristol Channel pilot cutter still around, and the only remaining example of a Coopers of Pill-built cutter.

Also the Conyer-built 37ft cutter Medusa Bay is for sale priced at €90,000 in Belgium. She’s said to be in near perfect condition, and I know she has a number of admirers in North Kent, so if anyone is interested, contact me at and I’ll put you in touch with the current owner.



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