The Man on the River completes his mission – and arrives in Istanbul


I would like to congratulate Giacomi de Stefano on completing his 5,200km journey from London to Istanbul in an Iain Oughtred-designed Ness Yawl a few days ago.

Hopefully he will be just about getting over it!

He’s had difficulties, including a bout of illness, and the journey has been a feat of resilience and determination, as well as an exploration. It has been achieved by an amazingly diverse collection of old and new friends and supporters, and has included some remarkable experiences.

Giacomo’s weblog reveals a very distinctive, determined personality and some great photography, and is well worth leafing through.

3 thoughts on “The Man on the River completes his mission – and arrives in Istanbul”

    1. Thank you very much Alvin, it is always a pleasure to receive some words of friendship.
      Be water and I hope one day to meet you on a beautiful boat, enjoying some water miracle on this planet.
      Best Giacomo

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