Old coloured postcards and colour photos of Cornwall

There’s something arresting about these hand-coloured postcards of Cornwall, which I gather are dated around 1895. See many more at How to be a Retronaut.

There’s a nice comparison with another Retronaut set of the area, this time of colour photos taken just a few years later in 1913.

One thought on “Old coloured postcards and colour photos of Cornwall”

  1. G’day Gavin.
    The photographs are interesting to me because as you know I also collect such postcards and I have a few to sort and send the images. One in particular shows two ships beached bow on in the surf at St Ives with lines trailing aft out to sea. The caption says ‘wrecks’ but I think they were beached deliberately, and will be refloated after maybe loading or unloading. They look far to ship-shape to be wrecks.

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