Locals turn out for the 2012 Faversham Nautical Festival


The Faversham Nautical Festival organised by the Kentish Sail Association seems to have been a great success, with glorious weather, an interesting collection of boats and musical entertainment.

But perhaps the best thing about it will have been the healthy level of interest that local people showed in the event itself and in Faversham’s historic Creek, which I’m sure local councillors and others cannot fail to have noticed. See the Faversham Creek Trust’s write-up of the event.

Among the boats present were the steam tug Barking, the gunpowder sailing barge Lady of the Lea, the 1898 Dutch barge Hoop van Zegen, the schooner Elinor, the Phil Bolger-designed Crow, the smack Pioneer, that 1923 Hillyard sailing yacht Dorma, the modern-built clinker Suffolk beach punt Moonlight and the Maurice Griffiths-designed bawley-derived Picotee.

My thanks go to Steve Taylor for the photos above.

One thought on “Locals turn out for the 2012 Faversham Nautical Festival”

  1. It was a delightful event, and a trip down memory lane. I have not been back for 35 years, since my father kept a 90ft Danish fish carrier (Clausens Minde of Frederikshavn) moored off Hearty Ferry. He converted the open wet hold into living accommodation and we had several happy years sailing her up the east coast. She had the original engine, around 1902 I seem to remember and it took at least 3 crew to haul up the canvas sails. I often wonder what happened to her.

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