BBA student class of September 2011 launch their boats despite wind and rain

Principal Yvonne Green has kindly sent over this photo from the latest Boat Building Academy student launch day, at which the rain clearly failed to stop play.

Here’s what she says:

‘It rained, and rained, and rained, and then at 2.30 it stopped and, while the sun didn’t exactly come out, it wasn’t wet and it wasn’t cold. It was still a bit breezy, but I don’t think people would have noticed a downpour once the boats started going into the water.

‘It was a brilliant day, and they have been a brilliant group.’

The photo show the view from Yvonne’s office window just before the boats went down to the Cobb – that’s the local name for the massively built and ancient westward wall of Lyme Harbour, and the FaceBook video link shows a Looe hire boat restored by BBA students being overtaken by instructor Justin Adkin and student Shane Newcombe riding on board Shane’s Tiny Might built to plans provided by Glen L, and fitted with an engine from a jetski.

Tiny Might video

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