‘Uffa Ace’ National 18 spotted in Denmark



Ben Wales spotted this Uffa Fox-designed Uffa Ace National 18 for sale while on the island of Fano while holidaying in Denmark recently – as he says, it’s amazing what you’ll find when far from home.

I’ve always liked the look of the 18s. I wonder how this one came to be so far from home? Was the National 18 ever a contender for International status?

Thanks Ben!

4 thoughts on “‘Uffa Ace’ National 18 spotted in Denmark”

  1. Well I don’t know this boat and its story, but for those of you who don’t read danish: the note on the picture says, it was build 1940-50 in Ranntzausminde (a well known boatyard – near Svendborg on the island Fyn) and it was rebuilt/renovated at the same place 1994.

  2. Hi Gavin, read your post this morning, then popped into see John Claridge and low and behold he also has a National 18 in his workshop just now.

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