Postcards of Humber keels and sloops


Humber keel and sloop enthusiast Chris Horan has published a series of four postcards of the vessels, including the Beverley-built sloop Amy Howson, the Sheffield-sized sloop Phyllis built at New Holland, the Thorne-built keel Southcliffe, and the sloop Spider T, also built at New Holland.

The series is on sale at the Yorkshire Waterways Museum at Goole, the Water’s Edge Visitors Centre at Barton-upon-Humber and other outlets.

The photos were taken by Chris, and and by Patrick Hill of Hull and Lesley Everatt of Scunthorpe.

Images of the Beverley-based barge Syntan and the waterways museum-based tom pudding tug Wheldale will be added to the series shortly.

For information, contact Chris at

For more on Humber keels and sloops see the Humber Keel and Sloop Preservation Society website.

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