Sailing By played on the two-row melodeon

Sailing By – the famous theme tune of the BBC Radio Shipping Forecast for British waters, shoe-horned onto the two-row melodeon.

It represents another triumph, I think, for the ingenious inventor of this intriguing Rubik’s cube of an instrument!

5 thoughts on “Sailing By played on the two-row melodeon”

    1. Thanks Steve! I was pretty pleased when I worked it out. But what I did pales in comparison with the achievement of the person who figured out how a simple two-row system could be made to play so many tunes that, on the face of it, seem well beyond its reach. Thank you, evil Dr Melodeonstein!

      Sadly anything that worked on a one-row would have to be a different tune… Not that that would have stopped one or two people I have known πŸ˜‰

  1. ” BBC Radio Shipping Forecast”

    If there were an analogous broadcast for the US, it would probably be the Farm Forecast for Iowa.

    1. The shipping forecast is deeply loved here. People love it’s tone and sound, it’s somewhat soporific rhythm, and the romantic sounding names of the areas. And perhaps some folks also remember the boats’ and ships’ out there, each listening intently for the prospects in their areas…

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