A great little online primer on boating – from the Sea Scouts in Ireland

The Sea Scouts in Ireland have made a great little boating book aimed at teenagers available online.

I hope they don’t mind me passing the link on! The Scouts’ boating manual includes useful amounts of information on nautical traditions, heaving a line, first aid and artificial respiration, rowing drill, rowing (including boat drill), sailing, power boating, canoeing, ship types, rafting, boat maintenance, anchoring, tides and currents, use of distress signals and a lot more besides – no doubt, by now you’re getting the message.

Unlike the educational output we see from some sailing organisations, there’s no sense at all that the only boats are new boats – the maintenance section contains material about looking after both wooden craft and glassfibre.’

I’d be pleased to think that any teenager knew half of this material, and we’d be living in a safer, better ordered world if every adult boat user knew 90 per cent of it.

My thanks to regular contributor Paul Mullings for pointing this one out!

One thought on “A great little online primer on boating – from the Sea Scouts in Ireland”

  1. hey Gavin – how are you
    that is agreat little find – what a superb little booklet from the sea scouts – I learned and/or revised over loads – a real good read. I have got some teenagers who I teach who are in teh naval section of our school CCF unit who do actually understand much of this……which is reassuring
    great book – great post as always
    thanks gavin


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