Skylark IX Dunkirk Little Ship for sale on eBay

Skylark IX Dunkirk little ship for sale on eBay

This message arrived this morning:

‘The Leven Cruising Club is trying to find a home for the Skylark IX.

‘The Skylark IX played a vital role during the war during Operation Dynamo, in which she rescued more than 600 soldiers.

‘She is thought to be the last original Dunkirk Little Ship in Scotland.

‘We have been in contact with our local council with no avail. We are offering
her for the sum of £1 to anyone who can raise this historic ship and give her
the love that she deserves. I personally pledge that if you do save
this precious ship I will campaign endlessly to raise funds for its restoration

‘See eBay link.


‘Kyle Mccann’

One thought on “Skylark IX Dunkirk Little Ship for sale on eBay”

  1. So sad about the Skylark IX. We’ve lost so many fine old boats in recent years here on the west coast of the US that one must become callous. There are still a handful of us who do what we can.
    I empathize and wish Kyle the best of luck.


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