Classic 18ft Harry Feltham dinghy for sale by the River Fowey

Harry Feltham 18ft clinker dinghy for sale Harry Feltham 18ft clinker dinghy for sale

River Fowey boat builder and restorer Marcus Lewis has written in to report that he’s spotted an 18ft clinker-build sailing boat for sale close to his own premises. Here’s what he says:

‘Hi Gavin: I was doing a small job at the St Winnow boatyard on the River Fowey, and spotted this 18ft or so centreplate dinghy, the ownership of which has just passed to the proprietors.

‘Built by Harry Feltham of Portsmouth, it doesnt look in bad condition. It needs some tender loving care, but the buoyancy bags inside are still inflated, a compass still installed, and there is a mast, though I’m not sure about sails. The owners of the boatyard want to sell her, and I shouldn’t think she would be very expensive – and someone could pick up a classic boat at a good price.

‘I dont know if she is a class? maybe someone out there knows more?

‘She needs to be snapped up before a season out the water on a trailer (in the baking sunshine we are bound to get) wont do her any favours.

‘If anyone’s interested, they should contact St Winnow Yachts on 01208 872327.’

Thanks Marcus! Let’s hope she catches someone’s eye.


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