BBA students build 10ft traditional clinker dinghy

Clinker built dinghy made by Ollie Rees and Tim Herman  Clinker built dinghy made by Ollie Rees and Tim Herman


Wally photos by Jon Palmer and Derek Thompson

Ollie Reed built this 10ft clinker dinghy while on the Boat Building Academy’s38-week course over the past winter and spring. It’s a replica of a dinghy called Barnacle belonging to instructor Mike Broome, and is built in mahogany with oak ribs and a mahogany fit-out.

While working as a labourer building building oak barns, houses and doing house repairs, he decided to do the BBA’s eight-week woodworking skills course to learn more about this kind of work – and while doing that was so impressed with what he saw going on with the 38-week long boatbuilding course that he decided to make it his next move.

Ollie felt the long course would take his skills to a higher level and open new doors – and that the skills involved in boat-building would be transferable to all sorts of things and offer a variety of opportunities in the long term.

Tim Herman helped Ollie to build the dinghy. Tim, who comes from Brighton, was previously a tree surgeon. He also plays saxophone with his band, Los Albertos.

With the end of the course nearing, Ollie decided that boat building is the industry in which he would like to work, and is now working locally while looking for a job in a traditional boat yard. Tim is currently building timber-framed houses in the Lyme area and playing with his band.

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  1. Sacriledge no doubt but it seems a pity that Stuart Turner hardly improved on Evinrude's original 1911 outboard after 50 years. (I've just donated my P66D to a good home with some regrets but a good deal of relief.) The Evinrude is recommended by Francis Cooke in 'The Corinthian Yachtsman's Guide' of 1913 for just such a small boat, thank you for the introduction to him.

  2. Intended as a comment on the post below about the 1961 launch with a 1.5 hp Stuart Turner, sorry. It applies quite well here too, excellent posts both.

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