Video: The Sea Bright skiff – working on the Jersey Shore

Seabright skiff building

Here’s a charming half-hour film about fishermen and traditional boat builders working with Sea Bright skiffs – and if you’re patient it comes with some very nice music on the melodeon, or accordion, if that’s what you like to call it, starting at about 14.40 minutes. If anyone knows what it’s called, I’d like to track it down.

While we’re at it, this shorter clip about a pirogue maker in Louisiana working with an adze is pretty good too. Is that a fretless banjo in the background? And who is that singer? Finally – here’s a video about the Cajuns by Alan Lomax. It’s not about boats, but you do get some real culture round here, doncha?

Thanks to Thomas Armstrong of 70.8% for pointing out the Sea Bright skiff video on Facebook.

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