A weekend away with the Albert Strange Association

Albert Strange weekend boats 5 Albert Strange weekend boats 6


We’ve been having fun hanging out with the Albert Strange Association. Great folks and good company, and thanks to Dick Wynnne for making it happen.

So here’s a few shots to make some of you smile, quite a few of which I took in pouring rain while sailing a Shellback dinghy. Naturally, they aren’t all Strange boats, exactly, but there were some lovely craft from the old master, including the wonderful Charm.

If you find yourself wishing you’d made the trip – well, maybe there will be another chance!

Albert Strange weekend boats 3 Albert Strange weekend boats  Jim Van Den Bos sailing his yawl-rigged canoe Albert Strange weekend boats 4 Proper sailors eat spring onions Bob sails off Albert Strange weekend boats 8

6 thoughts on “A weekend away with the Albert Strange Association”

  1. I understand that the never admitted reason for eating large spring onions was to intimidate the crew and ensure that they kept their distance, allowing a skipper to shout instructions, always a satisfying activity for a budding blyth. Also when the skip is down below, the crew remain active on deck.

    My old skipper used rum at 3am; nothing got me on watch faster. Despite my refusal, I still got it in my coffee as well; years before I found out that he was deaf and could not lip read in the dark!

    1. I drew the canoe hull and the rig; Jim did the interior stuff. It works quite well, but you quickly come to understand how larger boats came to be popular among folks who sailed on the Humber.

  2. any idea of the name of the boat in image "Strange-weekend-boats-4.jpg" – it is exceptionally pretty , and i find myself lusting after it !

    1. Sorry Bexley – but you can't have your evil way with Ro An Mor. She belongs to my old friends Sue and Mike Feather, and they love her deeply.

      She's a fibreglass boat moulded from a Falmouth working boat, and I gather she was made some time before Heard got started. So you might be able to find something similar somewhere…


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