Two Albert Strange yachts for sale at the ASA website

Leona designed by Albert Strange, built 1906 Sea Harmony designed by Albert Strange, built 1937

Leona and Sea Harmony – click on the thumbnails for bigger photos

Two very special Albert Strange yachts are advertised for sale over at the Albert Strange Association website Sea Harmony, a 1936-built 33ft version of Strange’s 1917 Venture design, and 24ft canoe yawl Leona, built in 1906 to Strange design number 63.

Perhaps the prettiest yacht I ever seen photographed, Sea Harmony is in New England, while I believe Leona is still in her home area of the Humber, where it would be nice to think she will stay.


2 thoughts on “Two Albert Strange yachts for sale at the ASA website”

  1. Like the new look Gavin, the cycling header photos are a good idea too. I was the lucky fellow who took that snap of Sea Harmony last summer. I now own 50% (so far anyway) of her older sister, you'll see her, and likely sail on her, if you can make it to Strange Days.

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