Voile-aviron sailing explained by Francois Vivier

Voile-aviron sailing explained by Francois Vivier

French boating guru and gifted designer Francois Vivier explains the history and principles of voile-aviron sailing. Even if you can’t follow the French too well, it looks like the best fun! There’s an English explanation here: Francois Vivier website.

My thanks to Brian Pearson for spotting this.

6 thoughts on “Voile-aviron sailing explained by Francois Vivier”

  1. Nope didn't get a word either – but great film clip ! did you spot that 2 masted little lugger near then end of the video nearly getting blown over !?

  2. Voile-aviron,, yeah but I've been trying to work out how the rudder fits in with the outboard ( I presume) on the boat Francois is doing his commentary from. He has got the propeller in the centre of the transom and tilted clean out the water so it does not affect his sailing. It must sit aft of the rudder which must be down below the keel. Does the rudder pull up too?

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