Songs: Maggie May and The Smacksman

It’s about time for a song, I think – so here are two for good measure. The first, Maggie May, is often thought of as terribly bawdy, but really it’s just a warning song, like so many songs that were popular in the past.

The second is sometimes called The Smacksman and sometimes the Trawler Song. Either way, it’s a great chorus number that I have very much in mind if I get into ‘the good singing room’ at this year’s English Country Music Weekend at the historic Essex fishing port of Brightlingsea (do take a look at the programme – ‘country’ here generally means old fashioned English rural music, not something manufactured in Nashville) and for the Nordhorn canal festival being organised by regular contributor Hans-Christian Rieck and colleagues.

Hans-Christian Rieck
Hi Gavin, what about this chap and his accordion he bought or not bought in G…
1:07 PM (6 hours ago)

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