Barge for sale: sailing barge Ena is on eBay

Sailing barge Ena for sale on eBay

Spritsail sailing barge Ena is up for auction via eBay at a starting price of £85,000 – to learn more and place your bid, click here. My thanks to John Lockwood for pointing this out.

I don’t know whether this is the first time we’ve had this kind of sailing barge for sale by this route, but I’m sure we all hope she finds a good home. If you’re interested, you’ve got about eight days – I must say it would be interesting to watch the usual race at the end of the bidding.

Ena’s described as having full rigging and good sails and a good Gardner engine – however the aftmost section needs some work to make her seaworthy.

As well as being an interesting sailing barge – she was originally a small boomie before being converted to a sprittie – and she’s also a registered Dunkirk little ship. She’s currently moored in Kent.

5 thoughts on “Barge for sale: sailing barge Ena is on eBay”

  1. I just saw an episode of Salvage Squad in which they were refitting and sailing Ena. I wonder if this advert was posted before or after. The programme talked about the owner living aboard her.

    Ok, googled it. The episode was broadcast in 2002 so perhaps the then owner got some good use out of her!

    Further googling… there is a Facebook page wich suggests that she is currently rotting on her mooring. Almost wish I hadn’t looked, now.

  2. Ena was never rigged as a boomie barge.she was always rigged as a Mulie as were many of the Paul’s barges. This rig was considered better for journeys round the coast of the UK.
    Brian Pinner

    1. Hi. Saw the Ena yesterday whilst out with hubby at Hoo marina. She is indeed decaring along with several barges and boats. Took lots of pics of her. It was a sad sight.
      Linda Seaton

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