Light Trow Onawind Blue flies past (reprise)


Ben Crawshaw sailing Light Trow Onawind Blue in ‘entertaining’ conditions

I’ve posted this clip before, but can’t resist doing so again, after the chap who runs out local chandlery and I watched it again this afternoon. ‘It’s not a slow boat,’ I said, a little surprised as I’d forgotten how well the little Light Trow looks in this clip.

‘It’s a great advert,’ he said, ‘in fact it’s creaming along.’ I said little, but I can tell you that the designer blushed with pleasure!

There’s a serious message here for all of us: even in the UK this could be you, this summer. Get or build a boat and let’s all go sailing! (See the free boat plans page for a set of drawings for building this boat.)

For more posts about our friend Ben and his Light Trow, click here.

4 thoughts on “Light Trow Onawind Blue flies past (reprise)”

  1. Morning Gavin, love the clip. Very reminiscent of sailing my Macgeggor, fast, probably less stable, certainly narrower than the light Trow but so much fun. I imagine she's a little easier to reboard after a capsize than the Mac. I've had the Mac over 11 years now though and only really had one awkward situation.

    Given the time again the Light Trow is probably a less tewnder vessel.


  2. Gavin, encouraged by another wooden boatie here I've tried my hand at fishing under sail. Trolling a paravane and lure I caught a very small shark, with teeth. Even a small one is a handfull in a Macgreggor so I cut him loose. Could have been worse, could have been a biggie!

    I really do like the Light Trow, how does she row?


    1. The thought of it makes me nervous – I think you did the right thing.

      On rowing, the man to ask is certainly Ben himself, and the answer is probably clear from the Youtubes and his website.

      In still weather, he must have rowed his boat for hundreds of miles.


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