Bill Samson builds a baidarka

Bill Samson builds a baidarka

This scrap of YouTube video is a trailer for Daphne Barbieri’s half-hour film about a project to build a Aleutian Islands baidarka, a traditional skin-on-frame kayak.

The builder here is Bill Samson, who is probably best known to the boatbuilding community as an early builder of Phil Bolger’s Chebacco boat, and long-time editor of the newsletter Chebacco News. The newsletter is still available in the archives section at the website


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  1. Hi Gavin, I have ambitions to build a West Greenland SOF kayak myself this winter Hre are several from Hobart. If I cannot get the pics to travel here I will email them to you separately


    Something for the SOF enthusiasts:

    This one in frame was from driftwood and scrap from the tip:

    And one with a small cross-bracing strip pattern:

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