Photos of Scoter in Norway in the 1960s – and an intriguing change to her cabin

Scoter in Norway in the 1960s

Scoter in Scotland in the 1960s Scoter in Norway in the 1960s Scoter in Norway in the 1960s

I was charmed this week to hear from Marion Dybing, a Norwegian friend of the Griersons, long time owners of this famous and influential old yacht currently being restored in Cornwall.

From what Marion says, the cabin top shown in the black and white shots is older and possibly the original. If so, I imagine her new owner Jan Carpenter might find himself having to think through which of the two styles he would prefer to go with. If it was my project, I think I’d want go with the one that Maurice Griffiths saw and was so influenced by in his youth.

‘Hi Gavin

‘I just received a Christmas letter from Sheila, with the link to the Scoter case. I have been a friend of the Griersons since 1961, when we met in Farsund, Norway, where I was a journalist in the local newspaper. My heart is breaking when I look at the pictures, remembering all the wonderful times we shared on board, both in Norway and in Scotland.

‘I enclose some photos that I already had scanned. If these are of any interest, I’ll scan them again separately. I also have other photos, but have to dig them out of my archive.

‘The black and white shows Scoter in Farsund harbour, with Colin, Sheila, Audrey and Dough, probably 1961. The other one shows Audrey and Colin with me and my family the same year. The colour photos also show Scoter in Farsund harbour with Audrey, some friends that were sailing with them, and myself and my daughter.

‘The girl on the quay is a journalist from the newspaper. As you see the cabin top has been totally changed. I think this photo was taken in 1968.

‘All the best wishes from

‘Marion Dybing’

Many, many thanks Marion. I know these shots will be fascinating to those interested in the Scoter project. And a merry Christmas to you!

PS – Just after Christmas Marion sent me some more photos that I hope will be hugely useful in Jan’s project to restore Scoter. A selection of them are posted below:

Scoter photo 3 Scoter photo 5 Scoter photo 1

Scoter photo 2 Scoter photo 6

For more on Scoter, see:
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Scoter is being restored – does anyone have information or photos that might help?

One thought on “Photos of Scoter in Norway in the 1960s – and an intriguing change to her cabin”

  1. Great photos! Whilst the raised cabin top may have given more interior space, it seems that the boom is alot higher.

    In the top pic it is about waist height, and in the later pic it is about shoulder height. If the boom is about 20ft long, that could be a reduction of 40 sq ft of sail.

    I wonder if the mast was made taller, or just the reduction in sail area taken as an acceptable compromise for more headroom!

    That reduction in sail area would be enough for me to reinstate the cabin at the low level, and put the sparkle back into her sailing performance.

    Sometimes one has to suffer for ones art!

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