Raids, Gartside designs, treenails, small dayboats and a Mirage drive in a homebuilt canoe – it’s all in the latest Water Craft

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A little late, here’s Water Craft editor Pete Greenfield’s summary introducing the November/December issue of his splendid magazine:

‘There have been small boat raids in Portugal, Scotland, Finland and the Netherlands, with similar events in Wales and France. This summer George Trevelyan and friends organised an English Raid on the Solent.

‘The English Raid attracted some fascinating craft from around Europe, including designer Andrew Wolstenholme’s and boatbuilder Colin Henwood’s deceptively simple 20’ (6m) gaff sloop Kite… which just flew

‘From Nova Scotia, our regular contributor Paul Gartside sends complete build her yourself plans and offsets for his traditionally built 16ft (4.9m) double-ended gaff sloop – just right for the next English Raid.

‘The Paul Gartside design which Ben Harris is building down in the deep West of England is a ‘proper project’: a classically-proportioned 30ft (9.1m) gaff-rigged cruising yacht inspired by Falmouth’s famous working boats.

‘You wait for ages for an article about treenails, then two come along. Nigel Sabin builds a clinker dinghy without glues or metal fastenings, and Topher Dawson enhances a St Ayles Skiff kit by fitting open gunwales.

‘Our Grand Designs series always introduces inspiring new boats. This time we have two. Selway Fisher’s sleek update of B B Crowninshield’s Dark Harbor keelboat and French designer Francois Vivier’s wholesome family dayboat Jewell, created for Maine boatbuilder Clinton Chase.

‘Plus pedalling the Avon in a Walt Simmons canoe with a Hobie Mirage drive; Ian Nicolson’s series on designing an eco-motorboat; tool and product reviews; and reports from the most active of the national associations.’

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