Updated Mylne registers now online

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Mylne Design homepage

The 2010 editions of the Mylne Register of Yachts and Design List are available for download from the Mylne’s website http://www.mylne.com.

A catalogue of drawings by Alfred Mylne and his Mylne company colleagues  available to buy is in the design section of the website, which is available through a free registration gizmo.

While you’re there, there’s also a free download of the Milne Classic Regatta 2009 programme, a gallery of photos, and a fantastic piece of film of many of Mylne’s classic designs including the Royal Yacht Brittannia, Thendara, Iyruna, Audifax, Shamrock V, Tigris, Panope and Veronica.

2 thoughts on “Updated Mylne registers now online”

  1. Thanks for the mention. We have over 7000 original mylne drawings, many of which can be viewed in low res for free after registration. If anyone has any problems then please contact us.

    More video's coming soon, and an article on the King of Bavaria's Mylne yacht.

    David Gray

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