Dylan Winter’s Keep Turning Left continues despite a brief stay at Wainfleet

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Dylan Winter of Keep Turning Left fame has been at Wainfleet for a little while now, so hopefully he’s been able to make some headway with some of the problems his boat has collected in recent weeks. The poor fella’s had to take the Slug out of the water to fix a doomed and leaky cutlass gland, foresail roller reefing that needs replacing, a hatch with a nasty long crack and – worst of all – a hole in his boat’s keel where it struck something hard under water. The next few stretches up the East Coast promise to be hard sailing, so the Slug needs to be in very good shape, as Dylan himself points out.

Our KTL film-maker and sailor doesn’t seem to be at all discouraged, but I’m sure he would be grateful for more subscriptions, both to help pay for the repairs and to give him encouragement in his quest to sail round the UK very slowly, close to the shore and with plenty of stops.

There’s no reason to think the videos will dry up, by the way, for he says he’s got nearly a year’s worth of filming footage with which to make more of his covering The Alde, Butley, Blakeney and the rest. So, KTL fans, there’s no doubt his subscriptions will continue to be well worth the investment, not least because of the encouragement they’ll provide!

Meanwhile, I do hope he’s also enjoying his time in the land of my ancestors and my own growing up, and of course he’s near to a brewery that happens to make some of the best and most flavour-filled beers to be found anywhere in the country – Bateman’s. Heck, I’d almost be tempted to take a trip up there and help him myself if I wasn’t so busy with the freelance journalism. And sailing, of course…

See the latest KTL Youtube videolog here.

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