Gone Fishing from the BBC Sea Fever series

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We were mightily impressed by the Gone Fishing programme from the BBC’s Sea Fever series last night.

If you can find an hour, don’t hesitate to get the computer out and dial up the iPlayer to watch this hugely atmospheric programme including lots of home movie and documentary footage, and interviews with some great old boys.

5 thoughts on “Gone Fishing from the BBC Sea Fever series”

    1. I think it can be possible to see them – ex-pats do it all the time. I think the trick to it is to use a proxy of some kind, but I don't know how it's done – Google might help.

  1. it can be downloaded from Internet, together with The boats that built Britain series -try Avaxhome.ws

  2. The basic reason why the Beeb restricts iPlayer to the UK is that UK licence fee payers paid for it. In addition, many programmes are made in partnership internationally, and making them available on the internet for free would be contractually disallowed.

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