Light Trow Mk 2 plans now available!

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I’ve been waiting for Water Craft magazine to publish its Grand Designs series story on the Light Trow before releasing the Mk 2 plans – they’ve also been publishing a two part article by small boat adventurer Ben Crawshaw about his adventures in the Mark 1 boat.

But now the big day is almost upon us, it’s at last time to let them loose on the public. Download them now – click here for the zip file of drawings etc. There are plans for making a model here.

For more on the Light Trow including Ben’s exploits and the origins of the design, click here, scroll down and go back through the  posts.

3 thoughts on “Light Trow Mk 2 plans now available!”

  1. I really like this boat Gavin.

    I am in need of a two person rowing boat , and will most likely build your light trow.

    Can you please just briefly explain the difference between the original design , and the Mk2 ?

    1. I’m delighted to hear that you like my little boat!

      There are some minor differences, including a correction in one of the measurements for the bottom. However, the big differences are that the MkII version has:

    2. bouyancy tanks forward of the thwart, which will enable the boat to come up with much less water on board following a knockdown. They also provide lots of potential storage space, and flat(tish) areas for sleeping if required
    3. the rig that Ben has used successfully on his boat (I originally proposed two spritsails)
    4. I hope this helps.


  2. I’m building her!

    Here is a link to the facebook page I’m using to document the build and later the adventure I take on her. I’m sailing her 1800 miles along the Red River to the Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico at New Orleans then skirt west along the Gulf coast to end the trip in Port Aransas Tx. (should take about 60 days.)

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