Man on the River needs a motorboat helm’s help to cross the Channel

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Environmental campaigner and long distance rower Giacomo de Stefano has stopped off at Oare Creek near Faversham and is greatly impressed by the size of its tides and doubtless also by its peerlessly gloopy mud.

He has also met some well known local boating people, including Leena Reekie and Bob Berk.

Giacomo’s rowing his Iain Oughtred-designed Ness Yawl from London to Turkey via 15 countries with a companion, and from reading his weblog I believe he may need an experienced sailor to helm his support boat across the English Channel in a few days. Does anyone out there fancy an out-of-the-ordinary sea trip complete with cameras? It might be fun… If you’re interested and know what you’re doing, contact Giacomo via his website: .

5 thoughts on “Man on the River needs a motorboat helm’s help to cross the Channel”

  1. Small point – it is Lena Reekie and Bob Berk, who owns the 35ft Phil Bolger designed CROW – that's an interesting boat.


  2. Thank you Gavin for this article. I realized anyway that I could make it easily by my self if only my body could have been in better condition.

    I didn't want to admit but for the second time I was sick, seriously sick..

    Unfortunately I had to stop the trip in Ramsgate. I was so weak that I could not walk and the doctor said me to stop. It was my second time after a 3 weeks stop for a lung infection.

    So I decided to go back to Italy where I was imediately recovered with a Bilateral Pneumonia. 18 days in hospital and a long time to recover.

    Next year I will repeat the trip from London. And I thank you all for your support.

  3. Thank you Gavin. I will do my best to be back.

    I hope to meet you one day in UK or in Venice.

    Here a video where you can see Colin Henwood rowing on the "diesona" the gondola with ten rowers in the Venice Historical <regatta 2010.

    Colin helped me so much when I was in Henley

    All my best Giacomo

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