A boat shed to die for…

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My thanks to Chris Partridge of Rowing for Pleasure for this shot of an astounding, Ritzy boat shed at Netley, while out rowing on Southampton Water. Very desirable, I must say, and I do approve of the idea of having an out-house in the shape of a castle…

One thought on “A boat shed to die for…”

  1. G'day Gavin. Traditional boat sheds, now used mostly as beachboxes, are big money here as no new ones are allowed, even if yours is washed away. Boxes like this http://www.pbase.com/rhiggs1/image/61515211
    fetch from A$50000 to A$360,000 on the open market, most are not as photogenic as these, and most are threatened by subtle changes in sea and tidal patterns.


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