An amphibious caravan from the 1950s

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floating, amphibious, caravan

Dorma owner and pal Steve Taylor sent us this link to a priceless piece of 1950s British Pathe film clip promoting yet another great British product that as usual never caught on – though I’d guess that it will catch the interest of some of our friends in the USA. See it here.

4 thoughts on “An amphibious caravan from the 1950s”

  1. Perhaps it would have caught on if it was more of a RV. it being a trailer and needing to be launched by hand is probably what doomed it to fail. Also the motor being inside like it is could cause CO2 poisioning. I'm sure being inside wile the motor was runing was not pleasant. At that time most motors were 2 cycle adding oil to the exhaust, yuck.

  2. The very same Alan Eckford who designed the Fleetwood dinghy and Spitfire yacht. A fairly versatile gentleman you could say?

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