Reports and photos from the first Melbourne Wooden Boat Show

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pirate, melbourne, wooden boat show

Check Rule 15 – was it sponsored by the department of marine regulation at the University of the Bloody Obvious, or do the organisers have an off-the-wall sense of humour?

Riva, melbourne, wooden boat show wood, crank, melbourne, wooden boat show

Sticker on a beautiful Riva, hand-cut pedal crank made from plywood

The good folks of Melbourne, Australia, have just held their first Wooden Boat Festival, and local Wooden Boat Association member Richard Monfries has put a nice report on his weblog Wooden it be Nice, and this excellent Flickr set of photos.

Another local and regular correspondent Dale Appleton also took some photos of the show. From his relatively smaller collection, I particularly liked best is the one at the top of this post about piratical behaviour at the top of this post, closely followed by the sticker on a beautiful Riva speedboat that quietly announces that it has been serviced by a company in Monaco in Europe, which even in our times must seem very exotic and distant to many of the folks of South Australia, and the beautifully made hand-cut plywood crank mechanism. After all that painstaking effort, I wonder how well it works?

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6 thoughts on “Reports and photos from the first Melbourne Wooden Boat Show”

    1. And won't they miss some of the disgusting bits? The parrots defecating on people's shoulders? Giving people pieces of white paper with a black spot in the middle? And keel-hauling? 'Tis er disasturr!

  1. All cutlasses were confiscated at the door, (and it wasn't off beat humour, but lawyers rearing their ugly heads) Why we weren't even allowed to leer at the lasses!

    I didn't go, I tried to sail in to have lunch there one day but 'security' decided my craft was too small and probably my wallet and refused to allow me to tie up.

  2. In simple securitese:

    Oughtred = Norse influence= Viking = Rule 15.

    What a pity, I'd loved to have seen the canoe.

  3. tis a sign of the times (pun intended). Please check your cutlass at the door as it might offend someone at a wooden boat festival. Why bother, the fun police have won, the war is over folks.

    I hope its better in the UK…….


    PS Aren't wooden boats just a slur on progress? I like to think so!!!!

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