Ben Crawshaw’s Onawind Blue flies past in glorious sunshine


Ben Crawshaw sailing Onawind Blue in ‘entertaining’ conditions

Not for the first time, in the middle of a grey British winter, Ben Crawshaw has posted a Youtube clip of himself enjoying sailing his boat Onawind Blue on a sunlit blue sea. He’s obviously having a riot and I’m filled with envy.

There’s a serious message here for all of us: even in the UK this could be you, this summer. Get or build a boat and let’s all go sailing!

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6 thoughts on “Ben Crawshaw’s Onawind Blue flies past in glorious sunshine”

  1. Thanks Gavin, we've been so busy that I've hardly had the Mack out sailing all summer. But the clip has really inspired me and sunday looks good with a breeze to 12kts or so. Onawind is far more stable but I recognise her sailing charistics before the wind allright!


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