Brand new British Seagull for sale

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Down in New Zealand someone’s selling an unused British Seagull outboard bought in 1971 but still in its box. I haven’t seen one of those for a while!

I’ve always liked the jolly logo of a matelot casually swinging an outboard in one hand, even if I’ve never actually seen anyone managing the trick of looking so relaxed while carrying an outboard of any make.

See details of the item for sale here:

Apparently it comes with a set of dye-line drawings for a 20ft British Seagull trunnel boat – and from the illustration this is a basic but good-shaped flat bottomed skiff with the outboard in a well.

Does anyone know any more about this boat please?

Thanks to Paul Mullings for pointing this out.

Read more about Seagull outboards at the British Seagull website.

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One thought on “Brand new British Seagull for sale”

  1. I would like to see the plans for the skiff with the well for the motor, also how much are you looking to get for the motor, Thanks

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