New low-power skiff sketches and model drawings

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New sketch for 470

Low-power skiff, at 24 Oct 2009

Working on the low-power skiff I’m drawing for my friend (who wisely chooses to be anonymous) today: 15ft 4in by 4ft 8in, intended for 4-5hp.

Please let me know if your interested using the comment link below, or even if you can see some fatal flaw before it’s too late!!! Be aware that this isn’t meant to be a planing hull – at this power (specified by my ‘customer’) a semi-planing hull form seems a more sensible option. It was his low-power specification that has made the project interesting, and worth the several days I’ve spent on it – I think we need more designs to be created specifically to meet the needs of the expensive oil era.

It would be great if a few builders were to make use of the plans once they are complete. For now however, we have the wherewithal to make a model – which will hopefully keep some of you interested.

The drawings to make a model of this little skiff are in the pdf files below:

Model parts skiff part 1 200910

Model parts skiff part 2 200910

The main frames – frames nos 1,2 and 3 align with the lines marked on the chines. The positions of all other framing, seating and decking components are defined by cut-outs on the main frames, fore and aft lengths of thwartsm decking and chine line.

Full-size plans are to follow. I’m thinking about a small cuddy or shelter, btw.

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5 thoughts on “New low-power skiff sketches and model drawings”

  1. Great ,this is a needed skiff. H. Sucher's book Flat Bottom Boats has a similar 20' skiff .

    Thanks for the great work


  2. Just an idea for outboard efficiency might be to employ the "tunnel prop" concept rather than the hard step at the leading edge of the motor box which is sure to create turbulence and cavitation.

    Dont know if it would work but a temporary 45 or 60 deg. ramp could prove or disprove.


  3. Did this low power skiff idea make it any further Gavin?
    I have made the ella skiff in model form, but was looking for something that was happier with an outboard for 2 up pike fishing on the broads.

    1. Absolutely – the plans are available and the boat’s called the Barton skiff. Appropriate, don’t you think?

      The plans are on the plans page at

      There’s one small error I haven’t fixed – the supports for the seat that I’ve drawn at at the stern are 1in too high.

      If you decide to build her, please stay in touch and ask questions any time you’re not clear. It would be well worth reading up on the stitch and glue before going too much further. I’d also advocate making a model, and also building something very small such as one of my Mouseboats, just to make certain this kind of project is for you!


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