Traditional steel Dutch dinghy and Forest & Stream skiff compared

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pam w skiff

pram w skiff halftotal Pram dingi w Cadeau and Seneca BILD0318

Dutch dinghy and steel-built Forest & Stream skiff

Over in Holland, Hans-Christian Rieck has taken these photos of a traditional steel-built Dutch dinghy of a type often used as tenders to steel-built barges and other craft. They’re strikingly curvaceous little boats, given that they’re made from plates of sheet steel, particularly when compared with the steel-built Forest & Stream skiff seen in the background.

The F&S skiff is being smoothed with filler prior to being painted and having its woodwork fitted. I will be fascinated to hear how this boat works – and I trust it does work well in steel, as it will presumably have a theoretical life time of 80 years or more. I’m pretty sure it will be fine, by the way – it’s clearly greatly scaled up from the 12ft ply dink I drew some ten years ago no, and that will no doubt compensate for the extra weight of the hull. I’d like to take a trip to see it once she’s in the water if that’s ok please Hans-Christian!

Hans-Christian’s workshop trains youngsters in the metalworking skills, and the steel dinghy belongs to the Graf Ship Association – it is destined to be cleaned and refinished.

Here are some earlier images of the F&S skiff, and of a ship, the Jantje ready to be transported to Nordhorn after being sandblasted and sprayed.

skiff starboard2 Skiff total forward buoyancy2


6 thoughts on “Traditional steel Dutch dinghy and Forest & Stream skiff compared”

  1. Hello Gavin,

    Shurely you can have a trip on the skiff soon as she´s finished. Probably on the first weekend of June, there will be the "Feast of the Canals" in Nordhorn. Then you can test the pram dinghy as well.



    1. Many thanks Hans-Christain – that would be great. I haven't been back to the Fatherland in many years, I'm very curious about both boats, and I'm sure Julie would enjoy the trip too.

      Let's talk nearer the time.


  2. Hello , I used to scull a steel dutch dingy ,round the docks in London in the seventies , I would love to make one ,are there any plans available ? Thankyou Regards Andy

  3. Hi I have been offered a steel dinghy could you please advise as to the value of it its in good condition
    Many thanks Andy,

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