More photos of Aluna Ivy at Portsoy

26-06-05 014

04-07-04 003 26-06-05 016

Chris Perkins shots of Aluna Ivy at Portsoy. As usual, click on the images for larger photos

These photos of the Aluna Ivy at Portsoy come from supporter and award-winning amateur boatbuilder Chris Perkins, and follow some earlier shots provided by John Lamb. Thanks Chris!

Chris is currently heavily involved in building the first St Ayles skiff, an Iain Oughtred-designed rowing skiff developed for the Scottish Coastal Rowing Project, which plans to foster rowing racing.

Chris has also pointed out a web page showing and naming the parts of a traditional yole.

04-07--09 761

Click on this image for the fascinating background of the Aluna Ivy

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