Ness yole Aluna Ivy at Portsoy

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Ness Yole Aluna Ivy 1

Ness Yole Aluna Ivy 2

Ness yole Iluna Ivy reader John Lamb has kindly given me permission to put up these photos of the wonderful Ness yole Aluna Ivy, which appeared at the 2008 Scottish Traditional Boat Festival at Portsoy. See the programme for the festival here and take a look also at John’s excellent galleries of Scottish traditional boats.

The Scandinavian influence in Aluna Ivy is unmistakeable: notice the lack of ribbing, the high ends and the almost casual way she’s framed with partial frames here and there. She could almost be an architectural find – but she was built in 1993.

There is a Flickr photo set of one of another of these striking boats being built here.

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8 thoughts on “Ness yole Aluna Ivy at Portsoy”

  1. Gavin,

    The popularity of this design since Iain O. created his marvel has been incredible. But, all respect due our friend, the plywood Ness Yawl pales some, in the light of a natural planked one.

    Simple, practical utility is the finest art in my book!


    1. The Aluna Ivy is stunning – but given the cost of having the real thing made, I'd say it's a good thing the ply version is so much more accessible and easier to make!

      I'm sure it will be easier to recruit new members to the Scottish Coastal Rowing Project as a result.


  2. Came across your correspondence. I’m the lucky custodian of Aluna Ivy. Ive some super pics of her under oar and sail; shall I email some to you? Note that she is a lot cheaper to build than a new-build Ian O. Ness Yawl. Thanks for your appreciation of her. regards Andy

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