Marcus Lewis offers a Lister engine for sale

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tosher engine 001tosher engine 002 tosher engine 003

Neglected two-cylinder Lister engine going free to anyone who wants it!

Marcus Lewis is starting work on a Percy Mitchell-built tosher at his the workshop at Fowey. An early job has been taking out the old two-cylinder electric start Lister engine, which is now available free to anyone who wants to bring it back to life.

It’ll need some tinkering: Marcus says that it seems seized after lying idle for two or three years, but he doesn’t think it has been submerged. The chains and pawls etc have rusted as the photos show. He can lift engine out of boat and onto someones trailer if necessary.

If you’re interested, contact Marcus via his website at The tosher itself is shown below if anyone’s interested in owning and caring for a traditional boat built by famous local boatbuilder Percy Mitchell – with luck you may find Marcus is still in search of an owner.

tosher engine 004

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