Initial drawings for a low-power outboard skiff

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Sketch for intheboatshed

Initial drawings for a 15ft low-power skiff

I’m working on this semi-planing job for a friend. It’s coming out at just over  15ft by 4ft 10in, is intended for a displacement of around 800lbs, and intended for use with a 4-5hp outboard, from which I’m hoping to see 6+ mph.

If you’re interested in the design or have comments, I’d like to hear from you please!

The next stage, as usual, will be a set of drawings for making a model and later a set of free plans for building the boat using the stitch and glue technique. Watch this space…

One thought on “Initial drawings for a low-power outboard skiff”

  1. this is a great design, how long did it take you? also, you will need an outboard motor for it so check this out. i tried to find a good place to order outboard motors or boat parts for a long time, you know how difficult that can be. but i stumpled upon a place thats really great.
    the pretty much got everything you could need and if they dont, simply ask, contact them. they are really nice and fast.
    cheers, bob

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