A Southern Broads photo album

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Rockland Broad 470

Dusk at Rockland Broad. Click on this photo and the thumbnails below for much larger images

We’re just back from our honeymoon – a few days on the Southern Broads, an area of water neither of us had visited before. Even though we saw few sailing craft it’s clearly a great sailing area of largely empty rivers, often with nothing but reeds to interfere with the wind. Not that we were sailing this time, you understand – with my broken ankle, a motor cruiser from Oulton Broad turned out to be an ideal way to take a holiday.

Here are some of our snaps for your entertainment.

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Yare scene Yare cows Surlingham Broad 2

Two scenes from the river Yare; the dyke leading to Surlingham Broad

Yare high water Waveney houseboat Yare mist

The Yare at high tide; a houseboat on the river Waveney; early morning on the Waveney

Rockland Broad 2 Yare windmill 2 Approaching Reedham on the Haddiscoe New Cut

Rockland Broad; windmill on the Yare; approaching Reedham on the Haddiscoe New Cut

Yare sailing Yare wherry

Sailing on the Yare; wherrry on the Yare

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10 thoughts on “A Southern Broads photo album”

  1. G'day, great pix, especially the Rockland Broad If you look under my pics here (search 'cole' will get them) youll find a pic of that windmill from a 1950's postcard taken from the same spot.

    I never got to sail on the broads when I was in England, it looks an enchanting place.

  2. Hi,

    I´ve been to the broads on holiday 10 years ago when the children were small. We camped at Reedham ferry for three weeks and we enjoyed every single day there. Live music on the shore, the boats coming and going, simply phantastic. The children especially liked the ice-cream served at the inn. Great place and great to see photos of that special area again.


    1. Thanks Duncan!

      I should explain that the wedding was back in February and the honeymoon was delayed, but I must say we're both still very happy about being married. On the ankle, well there's another month or more to go…


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