Progress on the sailing version of the 12ft Ella skiff – free plans to come

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Ella skiff sailing progress 1

Ella skiff drawings – click on the image to see much more detail

I’ve been frantically working on the sailing version of the 12ft Ella skiff today – having broken my left ankle a couple of weeks ago, drawing this little boat has been a huge relief from the tedium of spending each day on the sofa. Of course it’s no consolation for losing much of the summer sailing season, but I hope I’m making the best of it!

Anyway, I thought I’d share today’s progress. As I think I’ve said before, this will be a lively little boat but I hope folks out there will find it appealing. The next  jobs, are to nest the panels and draw up the sail.

If you’re interested in this little boat, please email me at or use the comment link below.

PS – The free plans for this boat are now here.

For free plans for the rowing version of this little boat, click here.

Ella skiff sailing progress 2 the sails

The sail

3 thoughts on “Progress on the sailing version of the 12ft Ella skiff – free plans to come”

  1. Hi Gav, It seems to me that no matter what or how big your boat is any one that first learned to sail in a "12 footer" fondly remembers the thrill, and if they are truly honest, hankers to experience that just once again! I for one wait with interest for the completed plans.

  2. Re the Ella and similar skifs…

    do you have any designs using 'least cuts' ie, straight sided side panels? these represent a considerable time saving…

    Say 12-14 ft with reasonable freeboard for estuary use with sail and a small o/b…I'm not up to rowing against the tide any more [nor very far with it]

    1. I remember Lew Clayman proposing the least cuts boat challenge and that another friend, David Beede responded with a design some years
      ago that might fit your bill.

      Although it's an interesting challenge, I'm not sufficiently interested in it to create a new boat of this type. Finishing the 'girls' skiffs series and creating an updated Light Trow are the projects I'm desperately trying to find time for!

      I'd add that the time saving is me the order of a few hours or a day at the most for the more complex boats, so I think the compromises involved in the least cuts approach are likely to be very much a minority interest.


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