Claude Worth’s first voyages

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The Custom House. King's Lynne. Low Water. Claude Worth

Claude Worth’s book Yacht Cruising includes many
charming pen and ink drawings

Claude Worth became a legendary cruising yachtsman, but everyone has to start somewhere – and Worth’s description of sailing his first yacht in his legendary book Yacht Cruising is highly entertaining. Click on the thumbnails below for readable scans.

‘We who adventure on the sea, however humbly, cannot but feel that we are more fortunate than ordinary people, and that we have something which we could not tell nor they understand.’

Worth frontispiece Worth on sailing1 Worth on sailing2

Worth on sailing3 Worth on sailing4 Worth on sailing5

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8 thoughts on “Claude Worth’s first voyages”

  1. "…with a younger brother and sister as ballast…."

    Did their mother know? Perhaps we are too safety-conscious these days, but I think even Arthur 'if not duffers won't drown' Ransome might have drawn the line at a child with no sailing experience taking the entire family sailing in a boat he had built himself from odd bits of wood and cloth.

  2. Just discovered that Claude and his son Tom are buried in Mawnan church overlooking Helford River, (Mark Fishwick’s West Country cruising guide) There’s very little on CW on the internet and I hadn’t realised his son Tom had circumnavigated in 1954.

    Paul (Storm Plover)

    1. Cheers Paul! I didn’t know that – and I’ve visited that churchyard. Good work finding it. Did Tom Worth write an account of his adventure, I wonder? I trust you’re having a good sailing season, btw! Gavin

      1. No luck finding an account yet, wonder if Cruising Association might have something, also of interest the Worth’s had a house overlooking the Helford River hence being buried in Mawnan churchyard.

        1. Tom & Ann Worth’s account of the voyage can be found in two halves in the 1953 & 1954 editions of the RCC journal.

  3. I was lucky enough to sail with Tom Worth and his wife Ann from Hamble to St Mawes in 1961. They were on their way to their house on the Helford. I could give a fuller account if anyone’s interested.

    1. Yes, please.

      Still no luck finding story of Tom’s cruise. Liked the epitaph on the grave “He sailed beyond”

      Good picture of Beyond in one of Eric Hiscock’s books, can’t remember which. He mentions Tom was an engineer and the boat was built accordingly.

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